Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Xbox 360 Achievements


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  2. i been going through the trophies ,and i seen that each trophy is repeated twice and , that means u have complete the game 2 times,because of the new ultimate decision, awesome...^_^(sorry 4 my eng)

    1. thats what makes this more exciting to complete and now we got edo kages to make this even better

  3. Look it says beyond the world war

  4. is this game gonna have danzo vs sasuke..

  5. thing is it says madara vs kage but how about KABUTO VS ITAC?HI OMG LOl

  6. I'm not gonna lie i'm disappointed in some of the achievements because it practically says that we won't see adult Obito.

    1. Yeah there it is..... Teh last battle achievement shows adult obito so its probably going to end with Naruto and all them vs. Ten tails with Madara and Obito

  7. @Somailan Gamer If you are talking about the trophies telling you to get an A rank and an S rank, I think it just happens to be two trophies for different "difficulties" so to speak. You'll probably get both at the same time if you get an S rank first. But in regards to ultimate decision, I think the different playthrough give different Secret Factors or different fragments. I think the "A rank" "S rank" chapters are probably fragments. Then again, this is all my own opinion so you may very well be right. Both ways, this game is going to be awesome!!!

  8. The last achievement...0G...how lucky,i have PS3 and that's is a bronze trophy,JA!

  9. Ps360hd2, there are number of reasons why I look forward to this game. Do you know if there will be hack n slash battles like those from naruto ultimate ninja impact? Remember the 1 against 300 fight in impact, well I thought this game would be similar, for example you use third raikage to beat 300 people at once.
    If you have time please look into this and answer. Thank you!

  10. the missions are new or are having the video game?

  11. the missions are new or are having the video game?

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  13. the icon from Uchiha Against Five Kage S rank show the Uchiha Madara?

  14. Judging by the Achivements, I take it their won't be any collectible figurines or dioramas like in Storm 1. Well, at least the game itself looks great so far :D

  15. according to the first and second trophy/archivement , the campain mode will start after Pain was defeted.

  16. what end of the war trophy mean?

    1. look at the picture its its itachis silhouette!!! its when itachi releases edo tensei and all the dead ninja disappear. the war ends but madara and tobi are the only ones left to fight

    2. Stackkid15 you have wrong dude ... end of the war on icon show tobi rinnegan

  17. The game will have Madara vs the 5 Kage 100% and the Game will end at Naruto/Bee vs Itachi/Nagato and when Itachi releases edo tensei. check the "Hero of the ninja world: Got S rank in The Last Battle" achievement and its itachis silhouette!!!

    1. i think its not itachis silhouette its look like the shape of tobi

  18. Here's my analysis:

    Prologue: Nine Tails incident

    Chapter 1: Sasuke vs The 5 Kages, at the Kage Summit, this one is obvious, if you follow the anime or manga you'll know that Sasuke went to the Kage Summit looking for Danzo, and ended up fighting all 5 of the Kages.

    Chapter 2: Naruto vs Sasuke after the fight with Danzo, take a look at the shadow for this one, if you follow the anime or manga you'll know that Sasuke and Naruto meet up after the Danze Fight

    Chapter 3: Naruto vs. Nine Tails, take a look at the shadow here, its Killer Bee. When Naruto was trying to get the Chakara of the Nine Tails he was with Killer Bee for Guidance Purposes

    Chapter 4: Naruto Meets his Mom, This chapter wiil most likely be the time when Naruto meets him mom, if you take a look at the figure, it appears to be some sort of female with similar features that of Naruto's Mom

    Chapter 5: Overall Edo Tensi Battles (Ino, Shikamaru, & Choji vs Asuma/ Kakashi vs Zabuza)

    Chapter 6: Gold & Silver Brothers, The figure in this picture is kind of hard to figure, some would say its Madara, but what would skip alot of whats happening, and Chapter 7 is when the battle ends at the coast line, so it would make no sense if they skipped all of that, Im guessing its the Gold & Silver Brothers

    Chapter 7: End of the Coastline Battle, pretty self explanatory

    Chapter 8: Naruto & Killer Bee meets up with Raikage & Tsunade

    Chapter 9 & 10: I cant really make these out

    I know for a fact that Naruto Bijuu Mode is in the game, but judging by how the chapters are looking in not entirely sure how they'll introduce it. The game looks like its ending when Naruto & Killer Bee meets up with Itachi & Nagato but Bijuu mode was introduce way after that, same with EMS Sasuke and HOPEFULLY Madara. I honestly could care less if they just threw Madara, EMS Sasuke, and Bijuu Mode Naruto in there with No Explanation because I already know the story, but Im curious how they'll be introduced. I really hope Madara is in the game, and I hope CC2 isn't trolling us with the EMS Sasuke, i hope he's in there also.

  19. It looks kind of short but at least you will get to go online and do other stuff in the game.

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  21. end of the war trophy and hero of the world this looks very suspicious

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  23. List Battel story mode:
    Prologue - Icon: Minato, Fox - The Nine Tails' Attack
    Hiruzen Vs. Kurama
    Minato Vs. Masked Man

    Chapter 1 - Icon: Sasuke, Danzo - The Agitated Five Kage Summit
    Sasuke Vs. Ay
    Sasuke Vs. Gaara
    Sasuke Vs. Mei
    Sasuke Vs. Onoki
    Sasuke Vs. Danzo

    Chapter 2 - Icon: Naruto, Sasuke - Hero and Avenger
    Naruto Vs. Tobi
    Naruto Vs. Sasuke
    Bee Vs. Kisame

    Chapter 3 - Icon: Bee, None Rank
    Naruto Vs. Dark Naruto
    Naruto Vs. Dark Naruto (Re match)

    Chapter 4 - Icon: Kushina - Overcoming Hatred
    Naruto/Bee Vs. Kurama
    Guy Vs. Kisame
    Konan Vs. Tobi (I HOPE!)

    Chapter 5 - Icon: Kabutomaru, Zabuza - Threat of the Seven Swordsmen
    Onoki Vs. Deidara(Edo)
    Yamato Vs. Kabutomaru
    Kankuro/Sai Vs. Sasori/Deidara(Edo)
    Mifume Vs. Hanzou(Edo)

    Chapter 6 - Icon: Gold/Silver, Gedo - The Rumbling Coast
    Darui Vs. Kin-Ginkaku(Edo)
    Darui Vs. Kakuzu(Edo) *Time*
    Ino-Shika-Cho Vs. Asuma(Edo)
    Choji Vs. Gedo

    Chapter 7 - Icon: Who-Swordman-Ever? None Rank
    Rock Lee Vs. Seven Swordsmen
    Guy Vs. Seven Swordsmen
    Sakura Vs. Seven Swordsmen
    Sai Vs. Seven Swordsmen (Maybe)
    Kakashi Vs. Haku/Zabuza(Edo)

    Chapter 8 - Icon: Naruto, None Rank
    Naruto Vs. Ay
    Bee Vs. Ay
    Naruto/Bee Vs. White Zetsu Army (Maybe)
    Naruto/Bee Vs. Itachi/Nagato(Edo)

    Chapter 9 - Icon: Tsunade, Madara - Bet the Future
    Gaara Vs. Fourth Kazekage
    Onoki Vs. Second Tsuchikage
    Naruto Vs. Third Raikage
    Gaara Vs. Second Mizukage
    ....Dunno what's next then.
    The Five Kages Vs. Madara Uchiha

    Chapter 10 - Icon: Naruto(Beast Mode), Obito - The Last Battle
    Naruto/Bee Vs. Obito/6 Jinchurikis
    Naruto/Kakashi/Guy Vs. Obito/6 Jinchurikis
    Naruto/Kakashi/Guy Vs. Obito
    Naruto(Beast Mode) Vs. Obito

    Fragments Story - Sasuke
    Sasuke/Itachi(Free Edo) Vs. Kabutomaru(Sage)

    1. nice so nice i hope u r right and all are boss battels i hope

    2. Nice ! And yes, your list seems to be true ^^ !